HGM80 calcium carbonate vertical powder mill in Vietnam

Vietnam has quite rich calcium carbonate resources, not only large quantity but also high quality. That is why Vietnam becomes one of our ultra fine vertical powder mill market.  
vertical powder mill

Custer Practical Needs on calcium carbonate vertical power mill:
Raw materials: CaCO3
Feeding size: ≤10mm
Final fineness: 10micron (1300mesh)
Passing rate: D97
Capacity: 1.2‐1.5 t/h
Working hour: 16‐18 hours per day

Later runing of calcium carbonate vertical power mill:
In 2011,  the buyer bought 1 set of HGM80 in 2011.
The installation only took one month due to the owner’s substantia support and cooperation.
The spare parts are in good condition without changing for 10 months.
In 2014, the buyer has started his second calcium carbonate grinding factory and order 2 sets HGM100. His new factory is not far away from Omya factory in Vietnam.