Carbon black grinding mill, processing line

Till now in the world, there have no mature carbon black grinding technology.After serveral years research and testing,Clirik have many successful case on carbon black grinding and processing. We welcome you visit and see our machine running. 

Carbon black grinding mill processing flow:
As all we know, carbon black is quite light and is widely used in our daily life, rubber, plastic, ink, etc. 

carbon black processing
Carbon black is quite light and need large space. We put the carbon black into a big silo. Especially for pyrolysis carbon black, the silo can let it cool down. Then use screw conveyor to send into magnet separator to remove the iron parts. The clear carbon black wents into the hopper with cover of grinding mill. The screw feeder of carbon black grinding mill send the carbon black into the grinder main unit to be grinded. 

With centrifugal force, it will fall down and be grinded roller between roller and ring. Blower produces negative wind, which absorbs the fine carbon black powder and make it go through the classifier. Classifier is integrated in the grinder room, it is turning fast, the speed is controllable, so we can select the carbon black fineness size we need. The big one will fall down and grind again. 70% carbon black powder will go into collector, and the rest will go into filter bag house with airflow. At last all powder will be discharged from valve and packed into bags.

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