Some Tips on Dealing with Common Problems in Vertical Mill

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There might be some problems in the operation of vertical mills, sometimes small problems can even cause the decline of output. It leads to unnecessary loss. Especially when powder concentrator gets wrong, the produced powder cannot meet the need of the required fineness. In the following section, Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co.,LTD engineers analyze the common faults of vertical mills , we will also offer you common measures. If you want specific fault solution proposal, please contact Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co.,LTD. Technical staff for consultation.
1. Clirik vertical mills  adopt advanced RHVC device. It is convenient to adjust, but not at random. Clirik engineers will adjust the installation. Our vertical mills would be implemented in accordance with the requirements. Otherwise, the produced powder cannot meet the need of the required fineness. And the mill machine could also be harmed.
2. After long-term use, the vane will wear. It will cause the grinding fineness coarsens. If the vane wears badly, the working life of vertical mill will be shortened. So operators should timely check the vanes in work, and replace the worn ones.
3. Check the gap between the middle body and the main body, and find out whether there is a change (40 mm or so).
4. Refueling pipeline is inside the equipment. It will get worn in the production process. The operator should regularly check the abrasion of copper tube, and replace it in time.vertical mill

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