Dry Mateial Before Milling Powder

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When the material contains too much moisture, it should be dried before grinding. Because the over high moisture content may affect circulating air, and lead to explosion.Working principle micronization equipment is very simple. No matter what kind of ore material it is, as long as it is brittle, Mohs hardness fewer than level 9 or above level 6, it can be processed. General micronization equipment applies dry processing method. Moisture content of some materials is higher. When the humidity is too large, it will be difficult for processing. Under this condition, the material should be dried first.
Moisture content of material is an important factor of micronization equipment grinding performance. Machines of different working principles require various needs for moisture content. Research shows that high moisture content is not conducive to material grinding, mill machine works best when moisture content is below 6%. Moisture content has much influence on production and performance.
Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co.,LTD specializing in dry processing mill equipment, is designed for dry material milling process. The moisture content of material must be below six percent, and should not be flammable or explosive. Crush the big sized materials before micronization process. Then, the system needs elevator, grinding mill main unit, classifier, dust collector and muffler. The whole operation process is very simple and very easy to understand.

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