2014 Vertical Roller Mill Performance Improvement

From:未知    Date:2014-01-16 16:15

The performance of vertical roller mill will there be a high improvement in the new year 2014. As the demand of pulverizer is increase every month. the requirements of customer is more and more higher, must be good quality and good performance, so that can gain more customer.
The improvement as below,
1.The efficiency will be more higher.
2.More longer lifecycle and spare parts will be long life
3.Higher fineness and more flecible adjustment
4.More envirment-friendly.
5.Higher safety and reliability
6.The intelligent speed control device will be more advanced.
The above are the lightspot to attract more customers, that’s what customer care about for their production. the improvement of pulverizer in 2014 will bring a good prospect for vertical roller mill in the new year.

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