3000 Mesh Vertical Roller Mill for Stone Powder Grinding

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As we all know, vertical roller mill is one of the common stone powder grinding machines in the mining industry. And with the development of social technology, the vertical roller mill can be both used in coarse powder and superfine powder grinding. However, today, I want to share the vertical roller mill use range of superfine powder grinding.

Vertical roller mill, is usually be called high pressure suspension grinding mill. The finest powder fineness made by vertical roller mill can up to 4000 mesh. So if you want to process 3000 mesh superfine stone powder, the vertical roller mill must will be help you a lot. And because of the high output of vertical roller mill, we usually said that the vertical roller mill is high efficient. Generally speaking, the common capacity of vertical roller mill can up to 100 tons per hour.

vertical roller mill

Compare with other grinding mills, the vertical roller mill has lots of advantages. However, do you know, what’s the price of the vertical roller mill? According to the high output, and high fineness, the price of vertical roller mill is more expensive than other powder making machine, such as, Raymond mill, coarse powder mill or jet mill. But it’s true, that the vertical roller mill is easy to maintain and energy saving, and so on. So the vertical roller mill is worth to have a higher price.

Do you want to know the price of 3000 mesh vertical roller mill, or are you want to know more details about vertical roller mill? Our sales manager and technical engineer will tell you the answer which you have ask. If you really interested in our vertical roller mill, please let me know. Thanks.

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