How to take care of vertical grinder machine in the rain and snow?

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The winter in 2012 is colder than usual, accompanied by heavy rain with the advent of some areas of snow in the north, CLIRIK received a lot of customer consultation about how to care for vertical grinder machine in the rain and snow, our company vertical grinder machine engineers give the details maintenance measures on common powder vertical grinder machine.
1, it is gradually more more cold, vertical grinder machine try not operate under the open air, to put indoors can effectively avoid contacting equipped with water and some compounds owned and improve the efficiency of vertical grinder machine.
2, in the day-to-day maintenance, the operator should regularly review the status of various parts of the smooth, protective gear joints smooth oil supply.
3,The vertical grinder machine is a steel structure, the Raymond mill surface dust and the pH of the solution and other debris must to be cleaned every day, to avoid chemical reactions.
4, vertical grinder machine in the running for some time, let the mill pause, and then operate, thereby extending the use life of the vertical grinder machine.
5, you should always check the working conditions of the vertical grinder machine fan, gas tank, pipe joints Can leak or freeze phenomenon.
Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest manufacturer of vertical grinder machine,we gradually summed up in the years of production experience, the vertical grinder machine is a well-established safety practices and scientific maintenance methods. For vertical grinder machine maintenance and other related issues, the client can directly contact our service personnel.

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