CLUM Vertical Roller Mill for Calcium Carbonate Powder Making

CLUM Calcium Carbonate Vertical Roller Mill Introduction

 calcium carbonate vertical roller mill

Name: Calcium Carbonate Vertical Roller Mill
Brand: Clirik
Model: CLUM
Application: including calcium carbonate and other more than 300 kinds of minerals powder making, such as: gypsum, mica, kaolin, clay, dolomite, marble, bentonite and so on.
Feeding Size: below 10 mm
Output Size: can be adjusted between 300-4500 mesh

The more details about the CLUM calcium carbonate vertical roller mill, you can look through the catalog

Main configuration and production
CLUM1425 CLUM1632 CLUM1736
Working Diameters(mm) 1400 1600 1700
Number of rollers(pieces) 3 3 3
Number of classifier(pieces) 5 7 7
Power of classifier(Kw) 5X15 7X15 7X(15~18.5)
Main unit power (Kw) 250 315 355
Blower power(Kw) 200 250 315
Feed size (mm) <10mm <10mm <10mm
Moisture of feeding material <3% <3% <3%
Less than 2μm=34%  
11-14 13-17 15-19
Less than 2μm=46%  
7-8 9-10 11-12
Less than 2μm=60% 
3-4 / /
Material: based on calcite
Particle size distribution: measured by micro laser diffraction particle size analyzer in British Malvern 3000 instruments

Calcium Carbonate Powder Application

1.) Calcium Carbonate Powder Use in Paper: In the paper sector, micronized calcite has been used in paper and cardboard production by adding it into cellulose in different proportions. Since calcium carbonate increases the whiteness of paper, naturally.

2.) Calcium Carbonate Powder Use in Paint: The excellent whiteness of our carbonates avoids interference with the paints colors and contributes to their opacity and that the paint will cover, without dripping, the surfaces.

3.) Calcium Carbonate Powder Use in Plastic: Calcium carbonate mineral widely used as mineral fillers in order to obtain high humidity retention, to improve the consistency and dryness of the final mass. These polymers have various applications like in bags, pipes, automotive parts, furniture, containers etc.

4.) Calcium Carbonate in Cosmetics: Calcium carbonate is widely used in the cosmetics industry in make-up, soaps, toothpastes etc. Use of calcium carbonate imparts many benefits in making cosmetic products

5.) Calcium Carbonate in Glass: Calcium carbonate powder for glass industry must compose of a high and consistent percentage of CaC03 and be devoid of color imparting impurities like Fe2O3 etc.

Above all are the calcium carbonate powder use in the other areas, but it’s the just some common use. Just because the calcium carbonate powder has so many different use, so there are more and more businessman devoted into the filed of calcium carbonate powder processing. The customer using our CLUM calcium carbonate vertical roller mill to process the calcium carbonate powder, the higher efficiency can ensure they can supply more calcium carbonate powder for their customers.