Why can't the Raymond mill not process wet materials

The output of Raymond mill is affected by many factors, such as the humidity of the grinding material. When the Raymond pulverizer is processing, excessively wet materials will seriously affect the output of Raymond pulverizer. There are certain requirements for the moisture content. The following editor will analyze why Raymond Mill can’t process wet materials?


The requirements of Raymond mill for processing materials: Generally speaking, the moisture content of the materials processed by Raymond mill is not allowed to exceed 6%. If the moisture content exceeds 6%, it is easy to block up and affect Equipment production efficiency.

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If we use Raymond mill to process wet materials, it is very likely that the grinding materials will adhere to the inner wall of the pipeline, which will cause the blockage of the Raymond mill's conveying pipeline and affect the processing of the Raymond mill. Moreover, when the Raymond Mill is working on the material, it is very easy to adhere to the wet material on the blade. If too much material is adhered, it is very easy to cause the phenomenon of wear of the blade, so that the Raymond Grinding The service life of the pulverizer is decreased, which leads to a decrease in the processing efficiency of the Raymond mill.


Therefore, when we use Raymond mills to process materials, we should use drying equipment to dry the materials as much as possible before grinding, so as to solve the impact of wet materials on Raymond mill processing.