Which factors will affect the flour effect of bentonite mill

The application of bentonite basically covers dozens of areters of drilling mud, chemical coatings, industrial, agriculture, and feed additives and fertilizer adhesives, and is widely used in agriculture, light industry, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other industries. 


Improve the baking efficiency and grinding effect of the bentonite, and is a direct indicator of the quality of bentonite grinding equipment. Since it is directly related to whether the quality of the product meets production requirements and affects the actual investment and benefits of the user. 

Let's take a look at what factors will affect the grinding machine.

1. bentonite grinding machine wear resistance

For any grinding equipment, the larger the amount of treatment, the better the grinding effect, the greater the wear strength of the part. Therefore, if the abrasion resistance of the bentonite mill is high, it can meet the production needs well.

Conversely, if the abrasion resistance of the bentonite is poor, there is a problem after using a period of time, but not only the influent soil mill is lowered, but also affects the quality of the finished product. Therefore, when purchasing a bentonite mill mill, be sure to pay attention to the material of the equipment.

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2. the humidity of the abrasive bentonite

When the water content in the bentonite raw material is high, the adhesion phenomenon is easily detected when grinding with a bentonite mill. It not only affects the normal operation of the equipment, but also causes a large amount of finished powder to bonds in the airway, thereby reducing the amount of water powder of the bentonite mill, affecting the influent soil mill. In response to this situation, we must control the moisture content of the raw material in order to improve its grinding effect when carrying the bentonite grinding operation.

3. user production and fineness requirements

Different models of bentonite pulverizing machines are different, and the fine powder after milling is also different. If the user has large production, it is high for fineness, and the purchase of a bentonous soil mill is too small, and the production needs cannot be met well, which in turn affects the influent soil mill. Therefore, according to material characteristics, yield and fineness requirements, the choice of appropriate bentonite mills is an important condition for ensuring the abrasive effect of the bentonite.

In addition, in order to ensure the abrasive effect of the bentonite mill, the employee is regularly maintained during the grinding powder. Especially for the loss of loss, once we worn seriously, it should be replaced in time to avoid the smooth progress of the work.