How to use vertical mill process coal bottom ash?    Date:2013-03-22 08:41

Comprehensive utilizations of coal bottom ash are mainly the following aspects:
1) Coal bottom ash for building materials and products is one of the main ways in China, accounting for 35% of the coal bottom ash utilization of the total ash content, including the preparation of coal bottom ash bricks, coal bottom ash cement, and coal bottom ash.
2) Coal bottom ash for civil engineering raw materials with ash accounts for 10% of the use of the total technology: coal bottom ash used in mass concrete pumping concrete, high and low grade concrete, coal bottom ash for grouting material and so on.
3) Coal bottom ash used in road works is one of the effective way to promote the utilization of fly ash, part gray accounted for 20% of the total use of technology: fly ash, limestone, sand stabilized pavement base, coal bottom ash asphalt concrete, coal bottom ash used in slope, dam protecting engineering and other.
4) Coal bottom ash is widely used in agricultural production. The part of the ash accounted for about 15% of the total using amount.
5) Coal bottom ash as a backfill material, the main technologies: coal bottom ash comprehensive backfill, mine backfill, a small dam and pier backfill.
6) Finally, the coal bottom ash in the extraction of mineral resources and the production of high value-added new materials recycling has also been some progress. The coal bottom ash is also widely used in the environmental protection industry.
Multiple using of fly ash, makes the value of coal bottom ash recycling be improved, Coal bottom ash Mill--- Clirik HGM/ YGM vertical mill also has been promoted and used efficiently. Vertical mill with a reasonable and reliable structural design, with advanced process of drying, grinding, classifying, and improve in one, not only the small footprint, simple process, high grinding efficiency, low energy consumption and low noise, less dust, clean operating environment to adapt to the requirements of environmental protection. Now Clirik HGM/ YGM vertical mill is widely used in the industries of metallurgy, electric power, cement, chemical, power plant desulfurization, slag, slag, slag, coal grinding process, but also coal bottom ash comprehensive utilization of processing special equipment.

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