7 common troubleshooting methods for Raymond vertical mills in the production process

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There are seven main faults in the working process of Raymond pulverizer, which we have made a specific analysis:


1. No powder (no powder or less powder under normal circumstances)

The reasons for this situation include: failure of the powder outlet valve; leaking or normally open air lock; serious air leakage in the pipeline; too small a valve entering the blower; too much feeding; too long and too high installation of the piping system, Too many elbows or too small angle at the elbow; the roller grinding device is stuck and does not rotate; the blade head is worn out or the material is too wet.

Treatment method: Check whether the powder outlet valve and the air lock device are stuck or normally open, whether the valve blocking the pipeline leakage and the air check valve is open. Check whether the grinding roller device is stuck and the blade is worn. Change the height of the pipe and increase the angle of the elbow. Feed evenly. The humidity of the control material is below 6%.

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2. The powder is too coarse or too fine

Cause: The speed of the analyzer is not adjusted properly; the air volume is not properly controlled.

Processing method: adjust the speed and air volume of the analyzer.


3. The main engine shuts down frequently, and the temperature of the machine is too high

Cause: There is too much material in the machine and too little powder, which causes the temperature of the mill to rise, while the current of the blower decreases, the valve of the residual air pipe is closed, and the hot air cannot be discharged.

Treatment method: Clear the powder accumulation in the return air box and the pipeline, and evenly add the material. If the host machine stops frequently, check whether the adjustment of the relay is lower than the rated current of the motor.


4. The host is loud and vibrates

Cause: Under normal circumstances, it is due to the large deviation between the main engine reducer and the coupling, and the anchor bolts are loose. The material is too hard, the material is powdery or the feed is too little; or the foundation is not strong.

Treatment method: align the center, and ensure that the misalignment of the two couplings is below 0.30mm. Adjust the coupling gap to about 5mm. If the abrasive is powdered, the speed of the main engine can be reduced to 110-120r/min; tighten the anchor screws and all fasteners.

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5. Blower vibration

Cause: Loose anchor bolts; or consider the imbalance due to uneven blade wear or blade dust accumulation.

Treatment method: Tighten the anchor bolts. Remove the dust on the blades or replace the blades.


6. The reducer and analysis machine get hot

Cause: As there is no clearance between the upper and lower bearings; the viscosity of the oil is high, the upper bearing is short of oil; too much oil is added, it is not easy to dissipate heat; the air filter is installed when it is installed and the pipe joint is blocked, which does not provide protection. Make dust enter the oil pool from below the turntable.

Treatment method: adjust the bearing clearance within the range of 0.15-0.20mm. Check the viscosity of the oil and keep the oil viscosity moderate.


7. The grinding shaft device feeds powder

Cause: The main consideration is due to the large gap between the upper and lower bearings, the grinding roller shaft is easy to shake during operation, causing the seal ring to wear and the powder enters the bearing, which accelerates the wear of the bearing, makes the gap larger, and creates a vicious circle; When the two nuts on the upper part of the grinding roller are loosened, the gap between the upper and lower bearings is increased, causing powder intake, oil cut, and accelerated bearing wear.

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