Improvement of vertical roller mill output    Date:2013-04-28 11:46

The vertical roller mill is the essential industrial vertical roller milling grinding equipment, but compared to the production of the crusher, the production of vertical roller mill should to be improved. Then refine the system allocation process, more detailed division of labor, whether can help improve the grinding powder machine production. We all know that the production in the vertical roller milling process design with a targeted indicator, related to vertical roller mill the selection of the type, quantity, there is the size of the investment scale. The vertical roller mill is the core equipment in the vertical roller milling process, and the grinding effects related to the extraction rate, yield and quality of economic and technical indicators. Now most of the vertical roller milling process are first selected according to the production model and quantity of the vertical roller mill, and then redistributed to various vertical roller mill process links. So, how to better allocate these different types of vertical roller mill machines, so that they are in a more appropriate link. The following are a few suggestions of Shanghai Clirik machinery:

Firstly, reasonably choose the types and quantities of the vertical roller mills; develop a reasonable use program, to make the industrial vertical roller milling process design more reasonable and better. More Vertical roller mill and finer system assigns can get greater flexibility of the system, and make the process more perfect.

Secondly, with the use of different types of vertical roller mills, the different size of material dispersed to various suitable vertical roller mills for processing, allowed to play a maximum capacity, and both saves investment also reduce operating costs. Meet the technical requirements, through the vertical roller mill with different models in order to reduce investment.

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