Analysis of Causes of Material Blocking in Raymond vertical Mill

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Raymond vertical mill is a common ore grinding processing equipment. During operation, the internal blockage of Raymond vertical mill is a relatively common problem. As an experienced equipment manufacturer, Clirik will provide mine for new and old customers and friends. Analysis of the causes of material blocking in the Mengmo mill, let's take a look at the relevant brief.
Let's first understand Raymond vertical mill equipment
In the non-metallic ore processing industry, the new environmentally friendly Raymond vertical mill equipment has also become the mainstream mill in the industry. In order to increase production and reduce consumption, Clirik devotes itself to the development of new environmentally friendly grinding processing equipment. The new generation of Raymond vertical mills provided by them covers a number of patented technologies, and various performance indicators have been greatly improved. YGM Raymond vertical mills are deep A new type of Raymond mill equipment popular in the market.
Raymond vertical mill
Among them, the various performance indicators of the YGM Raymond vertical mill have been greatly improved, which can increase production by more than 40%, and save unit power consumption by more than 30%. It is widely used for grinding with Mohs hardness below 7 and humidity within 6% Various non-metallic minerals, such as dolomite, titanium dioxide, quartzite, bauxite, marble, feldspar, barite, fluorite, gypsum, ilmenite, etc. The fineness of the grinding is within 80-400 mesh between.
YGM Raymond vertical mill is also a replacement of traditional Raymond vertical mill. It adopts inspection and maintenance grinding roller assembly and new plum blossom frame structure. The equipment is more reliable, maintenance is more convenient, the system is upgraded, the configuration is reasonable, and the output is higher. High, and the equipment has a large conveying capacity, which can improve the pneumatic conveying capacity, the fineness of the powder is uniform and fine, and the particle shape is excellent.
Analysis of Causes of Material Blocking in Raymond vertical mill
1. As we all know, there are restrictions on the feed inlet of Raymond vertical mill, and the feed size that each type of mill can withstand needs to be seen clearly. If the feed particle size just meets the size of the feed port, it will easily cause blockage. Therefore, it is necessary to crush the stones into smaller particles as much as possible in the feed money.
2. When storing materials, if the materials are missing or enter the electromagnetic feeder too much, it will easily cause material blockage. Therefore, during operation, it is not recommended for companies to weld super large storage bins by themselves. If the material moisture is slightly larger, it will cause material storage. The material outlet of the warehouse is blocked.
Raymond vertical mill
3. Many customers have purchased small Raymond vertical mills, and they are not equipped with jaw crushers, bucket elevators, feeders and other equipment. The manual feeding is easy to cause blockage.
The above is the analysis of the reasons for the material blocking in the Raymond vertical mill. I hope it will be helpful to the majority of new and old customers and friends. R&D and manufacturing new Raymond vertical mill equipment, Clirik, as always, creates value-added services for our customers with a craftsman mentality of excellence, and contributes to the development of the powder industry. Welcome to call the 24-hour consultation hotline to get the exclusive selection plan and product quotation details.

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