Four Features Makes CLUM Vertical Roller Mill Better

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The CLUM vertical roller mill is integrates the functions of grinding, classifying, conveying, secondary classifying, and packing progress into one machine. The common powder fineness made by vertical roller mill can up to 1250-3000 mesh. In the mining ore powder making industry, the CLUM vertical roller mill breaks through the bottleneck of low capacity mentioned herein. And after 5 years’ development, the CLUM vertical roller mill stone powder production line had been installed more than 30 countries on worldwide. What’s the reason makes the CLUM vertical roller mill so popular? There are mainly four features the CLUM vertical roller mill has.

1.High output, as for the final output, the ultra fine vertical roller mill is larger, the annual output of ultra fine vertical roller mill can up to 50000 tons and even more.

2.Compare with the superfine powder grinding mill, the ultra fine vertical roller mill has a stronger drying ability, and the excess water will be discharged in the water vapour form because of high temperature.

3.Compare with the common stone powder grinding mills on the market now, in the same degree of fineness and production, the energy consumption of ultra fine vertical roller mill is less, it,s about 20%-30% of the stone powder grinding mill.

4.Environment friendly, the grinding rollers and grinding disc don’t touch each other directly, so there does not have the metal impact noise in low vibration. Compared with other grinding mills, the running noise is 20-25db lower which would hurt human’s body.

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