3000 Mesh Coal Ash Vertical Roller Mill

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It’s easy to get 3000 mesh coal ash powder by using vertical roller mill. As we all know, that the vertical roller mill is one of the common use superfine powder grinding machines, can be used in many types of minerals powder making, such as: coal ash, calcium carbonate, calcite, dolomite, gypsum, limestone and other more than 300 kinds of different stone materials. However, I believe that most of us want to know how to enhance the efficiency of the vertical roller mill? Today, I will tell you some little tips, hope these can help you.

coal ash vertical roller mill

First of all, we comprehensively process the minerals powder like this, the electric feeder adds the raw materials to the raw materials in fixed quantity and time, then be sent into the vertical roller mill. The coarse ash will be ground into the standard ash directly, no other selection, it can be directly transported into the powder collector and stored in the store.

Secondly, the advantages of 3000 mesh coal ash vertical roller mill is the product fineness and particle size. After being ground by the vertical roller mill, the coal ash can increase the performance of the concrete due to its small diameters and narrow distribution. And if you want to process more finer size stone materials powder, you can use wet method to grind, the vertical roller mill has a strong ability to dry the materials, so the minimum powder fineness can up to 10000 mesh.

Thirdly, our 3000 mesh coal ash vertical roller mill has the capacity of 12t per hour without affecting the fineness of finished products. What’s more, the wear parts is made of special materials, which has long service life. And beside this, our vertical roller mill is an environment friendly powder making machine to. There is dust collect was set on the machine, we can ensure the powder have a good quality, and there no any powder will leak.

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