Coal kaolinite superfine mill

Coal gangue is a kind of black gray rock which is harder than coal produced in the process of coal mining and washing. The pulverized coal gangue can be used for power generation, paving, or underground filling. In order to better excavate the utilization value of coal gangue, it often needs the assistance of some equipment, such as a pulverizer. Because the hardness of coal gangue itself is not particularly high, there are many kinds of mechanical equipment that can be used for its pulverization, such as Raymond pulverizer, ultra-fine pulverizer, high-pressure micro-milling, etc. This paper mainly introduces the coal gangue superfine grinding machine.


What is the fineness of the finished product of the coal gangue superfine grinder?

In addition to being used for coal gangue, the coal gangue superfine grinding machine is also widely used for high-fine pulverizing and processing of barite, calcite, marble, dolomite, gypsum, glass, thermal insulation materials and other non-flammable and explosive minerals, chemical industry, construction and other industries with a Mohs hardness of not more than 9.3 and a humidity of less than 7%. The fineness of the finished powder is between 80-800 mesh (1000 mesh), and some materials can reach 2000 mesh. The operation process is relatively stable, easy to maintain, and the failure rate is relatively low.


Advantages of coal gangue superfine mill

1. Capacity improvement: the grinding roller is novel in design, reasonable in material selection, more solid and reliable, and the grinding pressure of processed materials is increased by about 15% - 20%;

2. Long service life: the number of bearing replacement is small, the service cycle is long, and the service life of the whole machine is 3-5 times longer than that of other grinders;

3. Easy control of discharge: high efficiency, fast operation, variable frequency speed regulation of powder concentrator, accurate control of discharge fineness;

4. Oil and electricity saving: a new type of high-efficiency pulse dust removal equipment is installed and equipped with a silencer to basically eliminate dust, noise and other pollution and establish a green production workshop;

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Production fineness and output control method of coal gangue superfine mill

The mesh number of ultra-fine grinding machine is inversely proportional to the output. Under the condition of high fineness requirements, the output will inevitably be low. This is because the high fineness requirement means that the rotating speed of the analyzer part is accelerated, and the coarse material cannot pass through, so it needs to be ground again. This will prolong the grinding time of materials in the mill, that is to say, it will take a long time for the finished products to come out in a unit time, so the quantity will also decrease.

In the production process of ultra-fine grinding machine, the adjustment of air volume and fineness needs to be carried out frequently. In order to meet the needs of production, it is necessary to master some common sense of grinding machine conditioning. Today, I will share with you several commonly used methods of adjusting fineness of ultrafine grinding machine:

1. Air volume: the air volume can be controlled by adjusting the butterfly valve at the outlet of the ultra-fine pulverizer. The product particle size increases with the increase of air volume, and vice versa; Slag discharge quantity: adjust the size of the slag discharge hole of the slag discharge device to control the slag discharge quantity, which can improve the product quality and purity;

2. Diameter of spacer ring: the size of the diameter of spacer ring determines the time that particles stay in the crushing chamber of the ultra-fine grinder. The larger the diameter of the spacer ring, the shorter the retention time of the particles, the larger the particle size of the crushed product, the higher the output, and vice versa

3. Gap size: the internal adjustment of the gap between the grading impeller and the spacer ring is also one of the reasons that affect the control of the production fineness and output of the ultra-fine grinder. The gap decreases and the finished product becomes smaller; The gap increases and the finished product thickens.