Future improvements in vertical mill production line

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Once the ultra-fine vertical grinding mill is available, it has been loved by customers. More and more customers choose ultra-fine vertical grinding mills. However, the ultra-fine vertical mill is definitely not perfect. It also has some areas for improvement. Here are some suggestions from Shanghai Clirik for the future improvement of the ultra-fine vertical grinding mill.

1. Advantages of processing high hardness materials

The vertical mill production line has a strong single-machine operation capability and can form an independent milling production system. In the future technical update, the vertical grinding production line should improve the applicability of the equipment to a variety of materials, improve the structure of the existing mill, improve the crushing capacity of the grinding machine for medium hard ore and the convenience of equipment maintenance. Improve the primary crushing rate and energy utilization rate of ore, and introduce different specifications of different models to meet the grinding needs of users in different industries.
ultrafine vertical grinding mill

2. High wear resistance, high toughness and wearing parts

Develop the service life of high wear-resistant and high-toughness wearing parts and grinding ring grinding rings, improve productivity, greatly save cost, improve the fineness of finished powder, and adjust the fineness range of the product to meet the requirements. Customer demand. Clirik has made great efforts to reduce the production and investment costs of users, and strives to continuously develop various advanced milling equipment. The principle of powder grinding and multi-head selection of vertical grinding production line has become an important deep processing technology for industrial minerals and other raw materials. First, it is of great significance to the development of modern high-tech industries.

3. Industrial grinding and high-tech integration

The industrial grinding powder is closely integrated with high technology, and the automation of grinding equipment is continuously improved by means of modern research results, reducing the labor intensity of workers and increasing productivity. Automated vertical mill production line equipment is of great significance to improve the grinding efficiency of the production line to meet the needs of the market and customers.
The above is Shanghai Clirik's view on the improvement of China's vertical mill production line. At the same time, we also invite friends from all walks of life who are interested in the vertical mill industry to contribute to the improvement of the vertical mill production line and jointly promote the development of China's mill industry.

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