Grain Slag Vertical Mill leads the Trend of Waste Recycling

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    Grain Slag Vertical Mill leads the Trend of Waste Recycling. The reason why this happens is this kind of mill turns the burned waste coal slag into cement raw material.

     The burned waste coal slag nowadays has become more and more important in cement manufacture. The grain slag is usually collected from the coal furnace flue or directly from the coal slag. It can obtain the draulic gelation properties after quenched by water. Under the function of cement, lime and gypsum, this draulic gelation property shows up.
Therefore, the grain slag is a high quality cement raw material. The grain slag is used as concrete and road porjection fine raw material as well. It can be used as soil amendment material at the same time. Grain slag powder used in cement industry generally divides into expansion slag and bentonite beads in two forms. We will expetiate this  later.
Grain slag vertical mill
    In the recent years, with the improvement of quality of people's life, low carbon environmental protection, construction and interior decoration comes out higher requirements. The grain slag raw material to produce cement, pollution to the environment becomes very light, popular in the building material market, which is a new way of energy conservation and environmental protection.
    As an important manufacturer of grinding mill machine, Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co. Ltd. devoted to the grinding mill manufature field over the years and developed the efficient machine, Grain Slag Vertical Mill to meet the need of  grain slag procession. High capaticity and envrionment  friendly makes the Grain Slag Vertical Mill lead the trend of waste Recycling.

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