Vertical Roller Mill Use in Asian Cement Powder Making Industry

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As cement producers continually seek reduced energy consumption and lower maintenance costs, two emerging trends are changing the face of cement production: the use of grinding stations that support variable feed materials and more widespread use of vertical roller mill. Cement producers in India, Nepal and Bangladesh demonstrate the success of using vertical roller mill.

A positive economic outlook and an influx of foreign investments have driven up cement production in India and South Asia in recent times. While this creates opportunities for major cement manufacturers, many of whom are importing clinker to meet production demands, the rising need for increased capacity requires larger and more flexible grinding solutions. Manufacturers are increasingly turning to the vertical roller mill as a highly productive solution to meet these increasing demands.

With already 30 to 50 percent more energy-efficient than conventional ball mills, the vertical roller mill delivers even greater efficiency. It uses around five-ten percent less power than other cement, which means producers can save millions of kilowatts each year.

In past 2017 and a half of 2018, a total of vertical roller mill were sold in South Asia covering raw, coal and cement grinding applications. This demonstrates the industry’s shift in selecting an option that can be adapted to a plant's scale and needs. In Bangladesh, which is stepping up efforts to improve infrastructure bottlenecks by attracting foreign capital, four cement producers have ordered Clirik vertical roller mill for expansion of their production lines.

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