How does a vertical grinding mill process ore with high humidity?

The operation of the vertical grinding mill is very simple, the accuracy of the ingredients, the output of the vertical grinding mill and the quality of the finished product must be strictly controlled. The vertical grinding mill is suitable for processing various non-flammable and explosive ore with a Mohs hardness of less than 9% and a humidity of 6% or less.
The influence of the water content of the material on the processing quality of the vertical grinding mill rice machine According to the production practice experience, the moisture of various materials can be controlled within the following range: limestone <1%, clay <2%, iron powder <8%, mixed materials <2%, gypsum <8%, clinker <0.5%, coal <4%, integrated moisture control within 1.5%.
vertical grinding mill
The vertical grinding mill is also called vertical grinding mill. It is a kind of grinding equipment. It looks like a steel container standing upright, with air inlet and outlet, and a feed port in the middle. For different materials, different fineness, different output requirements, etc., divided into different types of vertical roller mill. The vertical grinding mill is suitable for various pulverized coal preparation and mineral powder preparation. The lower part of the vertical grinding mill has a motor to drive the internal grinding rod and the grinding disc to rotate or grind the material, and the finished material is blown up by the wind at the air inlet. The upper part of the grinding mill has a separator, which can separate the coarse powder and then pass through The wind of the vertical grinding mill is collected by the air outlet.
When the moisture content of the material is large, the phenomenon of blushing is easy to occur, and the fine powder in the grinding adheres to the grinding body and the lining plate, so that the grinding efficiency is lowered, and in severe cases, the boring of the partition plate is blocked, and the built-type grinding ventilation is poor. The material is difficult to pass, the output drops sharply, and the quality also causes large fluctuations.