How much does the Raymond vertical mill 200 mesh cost

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What is the cost of Raymond Vertical Mill 200 mesh? The 200 mesh machinery of the mill includes Raymond vertical mill, vertical mill, ultra-fine mill, etc. And each model has a variety of large, medium and small models, and the cost of each model is different. Each manufacturer's Raymond vertical milling machine milling equipment prices are different. To consult the cost, please call the manufacturer and communicate in detail.
Here we first introduce the 200 mesh Raymond vertical mill of the well-known Raymond vertical mill manufacturer 200 mesh stone powder equipment machinery factory Clirik.
Raymond vertical mill
200 mesh Raymond vertical mill equipment: YGM Raymond vertical mill
<model>: YGM7815
<number of grinding rollers>: 3-4
<Powder particles (mm)>: 0.18-0.038mm (equivalent to 80 to 400 mesh);
<production>: 2-13 tons/hour
The stone powder produced by the new Raymond vertical mill is 80~400 mesh, and the price of Raymond vertical mill equipment is high in price and performance. Among them, the YGM7815 model is well-known among powder manufacturers, and many stone powder manufacturers are used. The 200 mesh cost of this Raymond vertical mill is acceptable to many manufacturers.
The cost of this Raymond vertical mill 200 mesh is higher than the cost of the above two equipments, and it is also one of the more advanced machinery. This Raymond vertical mill has obvious price advantages, is easier to maintain than the above two equipments, and occupies less land. Based on long-term investment, the cost is lower, because there are fewer wear parts, lower maintenance costs, and low power consumption.
Raymond vertical mill
If you have stones, you don’t know how to make them into fine powder. Need to process the ore to 80~400 mesh, or to grind the stone to a fineness of more than 400 mesh, you need to quote from Raymond vertical Mill, other Raymond vertical Mill prices, please call for details.

If you want to know the Raymond vertical mill price or have any questions about Raymond vertical mill, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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