How to Choose the Moters of Vertical Roller Mill

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The Vertical Roller Mill of clirik is designed scientifically, to achieve the maximum power output at least, if not satisfied customers for our company is equipped with motor, can also according to the needs of their own by yourself, meet the production requirements of different customers.
The motor is a very important part of machine,motors of Vertical Roller Mill supply the power for the whole plant,the motor is of vital importance in the choice in the whole production line, it is related to powder production efficiency and equipment capacity, a direct impact on the company's production traveler. How to choose the motor in the sand maker plant, Clirik engineer will answer for you.
Motor select primary factor in flour production line, is to satisfy requirements of machinery in production. First choose simple structure, reliable operation, price is cheap, convenient maintenance of the motor.

Selection of the motor shell protection and installation must consider the flour production line's actual working environment. As three axes are horizontal, and the larger the size of the motor and reducer, in order to convenient installation, prevent interference, but will work on both ends of the shaft of the motor is placed in a side, the middle of working on the other side of the motor shaft.

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