How to troubleshoot Raymond vertical mill

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Correct and reasonable troubleshooting can effectively improve the service life of Raymond vertical mill machine and improve the working efficiency of Raymond vertical mill. Refer to the instruction manual of Raymond machine for troubleshooting. The failure of Raymond vertical mill during use can be handled as follows:

1. No powder or no powder, low yield

reason: a: The locker is not adjusted well, and the seal is not strict, causing the powder to suck up. b: The blade is worn out and the material cannot be shovel.
method: a: Check and adjust the lock of the locker and find that the air leak should be scraped. b: Replace the new blade.

2. The finished powder is too thick or too fine

reason: a: The blade of the analyzer is seriously worn and does not have a graded effect. b: The fan air volume is not appropriate.
method: a: Replace the length of the blade and turn off the air volume of the small fan to solve the rough. b: If it is too fine, the inlet air volume should be increased.

3. The host current rises and the fan current drops

reason: Excessive feeding, the air duct is blocked by the powder, the exhaust of the pipeline is not smooth, the circulating airflow generates heat, the main current increases, the machine temperature rises, and the fan current decreases.
method: a: Reduce the amount of feed and remove the wind tunnel powder. b: Open the large air duct valve, and the temperature of the incoming material is controlled below 6 °C.

4. The host is loud and has a large vibration

reason: a: The amount of feed is small. The blade is heavily worn, the material cannot be shoveled, and the anchor bolts are loose. b: The material has a hard impact, or no material layer c: The grinding roller has a serious rounding deformation.
method: a: Adjust the feed amount and replace the new blade. b: Replace the feed particle size. c: Replace the grinding roller and the grinding ring.
raymond vertical mill

5. Fan vibration

reason: a: Powder or wear imbalance on the blades. b: The anchor bolts are loose.
method: a: Remove the leaf powder or replace the blade. b: Tighten the anchor bolts.

6. Transmission and analysis engine tank heating

reason: a: The viscosity of the oil is large and the oil is not strong enough to make the upper bearing lack of oil.
method: a: Check if the oil grade and viscosity match the requirements. b: Check the running direction of the analyzer.

7. Grinding roller device into the powder bearing damage cup

reason: a: Oil cut, or seal damage. b: Long-term lack of maintenance and cleaning.
method: a: Refuel in time according to the specified time. b: Regularly clean and replace the oil seal.

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