How to use a crusher for Raymond Vertical Mill

After purchasing Raymond vertical mill, some customers will have the following problems. For example, the raw material is too large to be added to the grinding chamber of Raymond Vertical Mill, or the raw material is slightly larger and the milling output is too low. At this time, a crusher is needed for the coarse crushing process before the Raymond grinding process. Most of Raymond Vertical Mill's supporting crushers are jaw crushers and hammer crushers. Other vertical shaft crushers, fine crushers and sand making machines can be used. Choosing a crusher suitable for you is very important for the subsequent production of Raymond Vertical Mill.
Here is a brief list of two materials:
Raymond vertical mill
Limestone, jaw crusher is preferred, because the hardness of limestone is not high or low, jaw crusher is the most economical and durable, low wear rate, low failure rate, low power consumption, suitable for coarse crushing of most materials .
Hammer crusher is preferred for silicon carbide. Because silicon carbide has a very high hardness level, it is a hard and brittle type. Before entering the Raymond vertical mill, the smaller the silicon carbide particles, the better. The crushing ratio of jaw crusher is too small, the output is too large, it is not suitable for Raymond vertical mill for grinding. The hammer crusher is more suitable for hard and brittle materials, and has a larger crusher.
This shows that choosing a suitable crusher has a great impact on the production efficiency of Raymond Vertical Mill. If you are confused about the choice of crusher, please contact us.