In-depth understanding of superfine grinding mill

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How to extend the service life of the ultrafine grinding machine?

The ultra-fine grinding mill is an energy-saving and high-efficiency milling equipment. It has a wide range of applications in the preparation of coal powder, power plant desulfurization, calcium carbonate crushing and processing, etc., and is favored by users at home and abroad. Each type of equipment has a lifespan, and of course the same is true for ultrafine grinding mills. However, if the user performs effective maintenance and repairs during purchase or operation, the life of the equipment will be prolonged.
1. First, carry out certain technical training for the operators, so that they have a detailed understanding of the operating principle, high-quality performance, and operating specifications of the ultra-fine mill. In order to ensure the normal operation of the ultra-fine pulverizer, certain maintenance tools, grease, accessories, etc. are required.
2. Secondly, the equipment needs to be overhauled after a period of operation. At the same time, the vulnerable parts of the equipment should be overhauled and replaced. During overhaul, the bolts and nuts should be carefully checked to prevent loosening.
3. When the operation is finished, stop feeding the equipment, and then let the host continue to rotate until the remaining materials are grind clean. At this time, the motor of the host can be turned off. After the grinding of the materials is stopped, the fan motor and analysis The motor is turned off.
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CLIRIK is a mining machinery and equipment manufacturer with a large scale, strong strength and high reputation in the Chinese market. It strictly controls the quality of the ultrafine mills. The equipment produced has not only obtained a number of national certifications, but also Moreover, it has passed the certification of the international quality management system, and the overall quality of the equipment and the life of the parts have been widely recognized.
1. Centralized control of the electrical system reduces the demand for personnel and reduces the total cost.
2. The vulnerable parts of the equipment are made of high-quality materials, and the craftsmanship and rigorous process ensure the durability of the entire equipment.
3. There is no direct contact between the grinding roller and the grinding disc, so the wear is small and the consumption of metal is low.
4. The vertical structure design reduces the footprint of the equipment and facilitates the user's production operation.
5. The sieving rate of the material after grinding is as high as 99%, which improves the efficiency and increases the output.
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The ultra-fine pulverizer produced by Keliruike is welcomed by the majority of customers. The reason why the ultra-fine pulverizer is popular among users is because of its six major performance characteristics.
1. High efficiency and low consumption;
2. Long service life of wearing parts;
3. High safety and reliability;
4. High product fineness;
5. Environmental protection and clean;
6. Advanced frequency conversion speed regulation device only;

Biggest feature of the ultra fine grinding mill

The biggest feature of the ultra-fine mill is to win with fineness. Then there are some external and internal factors that will affect the fineness of the mill during use. This is also a problem that CLIRIK new and old customers are very concerned about. The following summarizes a few Reasons that affect the fineness of ultra-fine mills:
1. Different materials have different purity. For example, the purity of artificial graphite powder is lower than that of petroleum coke or pitch coke, and the particle size is slightly coarser.

2. The influence of the feed size: the feed size is small and the purity is higher.

3. The influence of incoming materials:
1) If the feed is too much, the damper is easy to be blocked, the output is low, and the particle size is fine. The solution is to suspend the feeding of the Raymond mill or shut down some of the material to reproduce; or reduce or close the residual air pipe valve;
2) If the feed is sufficient and the air volume is large, the purity of the mill powder becomes lower and the particle size becomes coarser. Can increase the feed, or open a large excess air pipe valve.

4. The influence of air volume:
Large air volume becomes coarser, and small air volume becomes finer.

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