Lime powder production line process

Lime powder is an important raw material in industrial production, the main component is calcium carbonate, a white powdery substance. The main use of lime powder is in the construction industry, and as a calcium supplement in the food industry. Since the use is so extensive and the market demand is so large, what are the lime powder mills?

The production process of limestone powder

The process of limestone grinding can be divided into two parts - crushing and grinding.

>> Crushing:

The purpose of crushing is to crush large pieces of limestone into suitable grinding particle size. The size of the mined limestone can be several meters, but in order to meet the feeding requirements of different pulverizers, it is usually crushed to several tens of millimeters.

1. Coarsely

The limestone is evenly transported to the jaw crusher through the feeder, the qualified materials after coarse crushing are transported to the secondary crushing equipment, and the unqualified materials are returned to the jaw crusher for further crushing.

2. Medium and finely chopped

The coarsely crushed materials are sent to the impact crusher for fine crushing. The finely crushed materials are screened by the screening equipment, and the larger particles are returned to the impact crusher for further crushing. The qualified materials are transported to the sand making machine for crushing and shaping.

>> Grinding:

The crushed limestone small pieces are grinded by the vibrating feeder to the grinding mill. The ground lime powder is classified by the powder separator, and the powder with too coarse particle size is collected again and returned to the mill for grinding again.

The purpose of milling is to produce products. According to the different requirements of product fineness, choose the appropriate type of mill. Commonly used mills include Raymond mill, ultra-fine mill, vertical mill and so on.

What equipment is needed for lime powder production

1. Stone Crusher

Crushing is the first stage of limestone production. First, the jaw crusher is used for coarse crushing, and the large material is broken into small pieces, and then the impact crusher is used to break into smaller particles again.

jaw crusher

Jaw Crusher

impact crusher

Impact Crusher

2. Grinding Mill

There are many grinding equipments on the market that can grind limestone powder. For powders below 325 mesh, a Raymond mill can be used. The output particle size of the Raymond mill is between 80-325 mesh, and there are many kinds of ores that can be crushed, as long as the Mohs hardness is below 7.

raymond mill

300-3000 mesh lime powder, you can choose HGM ultrafine grinding mill or CLUM vertical mill. Their discharge particle size is between 150-3000 mesh, which can be adjusted freely. The equipment runs stably, is efficient and energy-saving, environmentally friendly and pollution-free. If the output requirements are larger, you can choose the CLUM vertical mill.

ultrafine grinding mill

vertical roller mill

Price of lime production line

There are various configurations of lime production lines, and the equipment selected for each configuration mode is also different, and the price is naturally different. Generally, according to market conditions, the price of a lime production line ranges from several hundred thousand to one million, and of course there are several million production lines.

If you have any configuration requirements for ore crushing and grinding production line, you are welcome to contact us at any time. We will propose a reasonable configuration plan according to your requirements for output, site, etc., so as to select the crushing and grinding equipment.