The Methods Which Can Increasing the Output of Vertical Roller Mill

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How to improve the vertical roller mill grinding speed, quality and yield? That’s a problem that every enterprise is very concerned about, because these factors related to many aspects, such as vertical roller mill grinding speed: increased vertical roller mill grinding speed, it saves time, manpower, resources etc. Therefore, improve the efficiency of the mill grinding equipment is very important. Next, let’s look at the vertical roller mill in the process of specific work, what factors will affect the efficiency of vertical roller mill?

In the actual production, the feeding situation has a great impact. The specific impact of the feeding situation is manifested in a number of ways, below the water content, the size of the material and the hardness of the material. First of all, the feed water content. Vertical roller mill equipment for feed water content requirements are high, generally require water content is less than 6%, if the water content is too large, will make the material stuck in the equipment, reduce work efficiency, equipment congestion caused by the status quo. Therefore, the water content of the feed should be strictly controlled to ensure the production capacity.

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Secondly, the size of the feed size of the vertical roller mill. In actual work, materials from raw materials to vertical roller mill processing process, many need to be broken first, preliminary crushing can make material particles smaller. In grinding, vertical roller mill equipment for feeding grain size requirements, generally need less than 20mm, so as to ensure that the material reaches 300-4000 of the purpose.

Finally, the hardness of the material also has a great impact. When the mill is working, the material should be lower than Mohs's hardness by 6, so that the specifications of the finished product can be ensured. For the material with higher hardness, the quality and efficiency of the mill will be greatly affected, so it will have a great influence on the actual production effect. In addition to the influence of incoming materials, the operational level of operators is also greatly affected in production. Users should pay more attention in study the performance of the vertical roller mill so that it can work well.

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