The Vertical Roller Mill Use in Paper Making Industry

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You must will very amazing when you see this title at first, what’s the relationship between vertical roller mill and paper making? You must have this doubt, so let’s go on to read this article with your first doubt.

As we all know that the vertical roller mill is usually be used in mining, transport, chemical, and other decades of areas. However, it will bring the largest benefits to paper making industrial. In recent years, the paper making industrial become more and more popular. And with the innovation of new technology, the stone powder can be added into the paper making process as one of a materials. For many paper making factory whose annual output more than 300 thousands, it is very convenient to buy a professional vertical roller mill.

Vertical Roller Mill

Take a simple example, if you have a paper making factory, and the annual output can up to 300 thousands tons per year, it will help you a lot. The introduction of such a device can save you 40% of the cost of purchasing materials every year. And process the stone powder in wet method will get the more finer and uniform stone powder.

In general the wet grinding method is one of a common grinding methods which is usually be used in ball mill grinding. We will usually add 25% water into the grinding machines. So the fine powder will be mixed up into mud, after the grinding media and the water, the finish powder will have an uniform particle size, and the purity of the finished product is also higher.

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