Performance characteristics of feldspar Raymond vertical mill of different materials

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In the equipment for processing feldspar powder, grinding rollers, grinding rings, grinding discs, etc. are important components for crushing and grinding materials. Different manufacturers use different materials for these components in the process of manufacturing equipment for processing feldspar powder, and the performance characteristics of the materials of different accessories also vary greatly. Next, let's take a brief look at the performance characteristics of different accessories materials of Raymond vertical mill for processing feldspar powder.

1. The equipment for processing feldspar powder is made of high manganese steel, and its durability is significantly improved. Because 65Mn material is characterized by high hardness, good wear resistance and magnetic properties. In the process of making accessories, after normalizing and tempering heat treatment, the mechanical properties are greatly improved, so that the equipment parts for processing feldspar powder not only have strong wear resistance, but also greatly reduce the toughness.
2. Compared with the 65Mn material, the equipment grinding roller grinding ring of feldspar powder is cast with Mn13 material, and the durability has also been greatly improved. Under normal circumstances, after the water toughening treatment of the material of the grinding roller grinding ring, the casting will have higher tensile strength, toughness, plasticity and non-magnetic, which further enhances the durability of the grinding roller grinding ring. In the process of processing materials, when subjected to severe impact and strong pressure deformation, the surface is hardened and martensite is formed, thereby forming a high wear-resistant surface layer, while the inner layer maintains excellent toughness, even if worn It is very thin and can withstand large impact loads.

3. Under normal circumstances, the rollers of the Raymond vertical mill for processing feldspar powder and the lining plate of the grinding disc are often made of high-chromium cast iron or nickel-chromium alloy material. In actual production operations, this material is likely to break easily, which affects the production efficiency of the equipment to a large extent.
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