Raymond vertical mill operation problem

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The Raymond vertical mill is an ore milling machine specially used for ore coarse powder grinding. The Raymond vertical mill is an ore that can process various ores such as limestone, dolomite and calcite into coarsely ground ore. Processing machinery and equipment, Shanghai Clirik Machinery here to take you to understand this grinding processing equipment.

1. Increase in temperature

When the pressure difference of the Raymond vertical mill gradually becomes smaller, the grinding temperature gradually increases, causing the vibration to increase. If the vibration alarm is not timely, the vibration will increase the parking phenomenon. This phenomenon is very likely It is caused by the breakage of a certain kind of raw material. When restarting the Raymond vertical grinding machine, it can be designed according to the situation that the materials can be laid more and according to the conditions reflected by the wind and auxiliary transmission.

2. The pressure difference is rapidly reduced

In the process of Raymond vertical mill production, the pressure difference appears to decrease rapidly, which also causes the rising of the grinding temperature, which leads to the phenomenon of vibration parking. This is generally caused by the three valves stuck and broken. In the restart, you can take the auxiliary transmission plate with normal grinding, and then start with some materials with the paving material, you can start the grinding smoothly.
raymond vertical mill

3. The pressure difference increases rapidly

In the Raymond vertical mill production, the pressure difference appears to increase rapidly, the vibration is intensified, but the temperature of the grinding is reduced, resulting in an increase in slag discharge or a "flying material" of the raw material scale. If the grinding temperature does not change, If the pressure difference is not relieved, it will immediately vibrate and stop. When restarting, just use the auxiliary transmission disc to grind it and start normally.

4. Vibration alarm

When the pressure difference of the Raymond vertical mill and the temperature change are not large, the vibration value may increase the alarm irregularly. It may be because there is iron in the mill, and the iron removal operation is required, and then the starting method is the same as the usual opening method.
raymond vertical mill

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