What Reasons Will Affect the Vertical Roller Mill Price?

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1.Science and technology content

Generally speaking, the higher content the science and technology, the more advanced the vertical roller mill. In the process of producing the vertical roller mill, Clirik has employed many new technologies and further make the science and technology content more higher. The most represent thing is the noise elimination circuit.

2.Raw materials

Raw materials has a great impact on the graphite vertical roller mill price, which include metal steel materials and core parts. Clirik has picked up the first-top metal raw materials, which has to some degree guaranteed the comprehensive quality of equipment. Naturally, our vertical roller mill has high cost performance ratio.

3.Hard ware configuration

Hard ware configuration is connected to the function and advantages of equipment. Generally speaking, the more advanced the configuration of graphite vertical roller mill, the stronger the function of the equipment and naturally the higher the price.

Above all three are the common reasons to influence the price of vertical roller mill, and it’s true that there are many reasons can affect the vertical roller mill price, and compare with grinding mills, the vertical roller mill has lots of advantages. Such as:

1.high efficient, the vertical roller mill can process 1250 to 3000 mesh fineness powder, and at the same time, the capacity also can be ensure;
2.lower cost invest, the covered areas of vertical roller mill is smaller than ball mill and the common grinding mills, and it’s more easy to maintain;
3.Long service life, the service life of vertical roller mill is about 10-15 years longer than the common mining use grinding mill, because the vertical roller mill grinding parts made by the hard materials.

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