Advantages of Environment Friendly Slag Vertical Roller Mill

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As we all know, the slag is one of hard to grind materials, and it’s inevitably detrimental to the environment. We can not overlook this problem. However we can also not overlook its increasing wide and important usage and exploitation. In nowadays market, slag vertical roller mill has been designed and customized to professionally process slag in a more efficient and friendly way.

The vertical roller mill has great application value in processing slag. It is the quite important equipment to make superior powder and promote the market value of slag. This vertical roller mill has combined a series of working performance such crushing, grinding, grading, transporting and so on. It is mainly consisted of main unit, feeder, classifier, blower, channel equipment and electric system and so on. It has large capacity, high efficiency, light vibration and low noise, which has become the national equipment to promote environmental protection and energy saving.

Slag Vertical Roller Mill

After being improved, rollers, grinding table, diversion systems and internal circulation systems of vertical roller mill can greatly improve the grinding efficiency and improve output by 15%-30% compared to ball mills, etc. With leading grinding equipment technology, the improved grinder can be operated at low vibration. Compared with Taiwan or domestic brands, CLUM series grinder has lower noise.

The grinding process can fully automatically use computer to control the addition of grinding agent for powder processing, thus increasing product added value. The complete production line is fully under PLC control; flash real-time display and can perfectly link the machine control system of continuous modifier to achieve a high degree of artificial intelligence.

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