The Difference Between Vertical Roller mill and Raymond Mill

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China's mill industry one of the most used two major equipment are: Vertical roller mill and Raymond mill. Customers in the choose and buy milling machines will often confuse the two equipment, today we have these two kinds of flour mill composition structure and the fineness degree of the product and application scope of three aspects seriously do a comparative analysis.

Structure: The Raymond using superimposed multistage seal processing technology, to achieve the good sealing effect. Grinding roller and grinding ring and eliminate the disadvantage of the centrifugal mill parts replacement cycle is short, but which are relatively for the mill still has certain gap. Due to the grinding roller and grinding ring of ultrafine Vertical roller mill wear is evener, using life is longer, can achieve common Raymond mill around 3-5 times.

Product fineness: the Raymond mill product fineness between 0.613 mm and 0.033 mm, the biggest can reach about 1000 mesh. And superfine mill product granularity between 325 mesh and 1800 mesh, can refer to mesh and mm conversion table. Relatively superfine Vertical roller mill product granularity is more thin, customers when choosing to choose according to their needs.

Application: the Raymond mill is suitable for mok's hardness below 9.3 and moisture below 6% of inflammable and explosive mineral materials processing, can be used in metallurgy, water conservancy and chemical industry. Ultrafine Vertical roller mill for mohs hardness below level 7, humidity below 6% of inflammable and explosive mineral materials.

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