The Common Problems and Repair Methods of Vertical Roller Mill

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Vertical roller mill in the cement, metals, mining industry is all play an enormous role, so it is very important to maintain the normal use of vertical mill, the following will explain the common problem of vertical mill and repair methods.

1.The repair of roller, turn plate and scaleboard
Vertical roller mill body and wear-resisting lining in use process, once appear, fit clearance, will make between ontology and liner wear, combined with the hot air and constantly scour for cement particles to cooperate, and lead to groove, the impact to collide between ontology and lining board, serious when lining crack and even broken, machine damage, especially the damage of reducer, cause malignant events.
The problem once happened, repair methods generally difficult to solve, replace the high cost.F the blue material excellent mechanical performance and good plasticity, makes to solve the problem.

2.The repair of bearing housing of vertical roller mill
The bearing assembly is strict, the enterprise generally USES the bearing assembly in dry ice cooling way.Once a gap between the bearing and the bearing chamber, which will affect the normal operation of bearing, bearing heating, serious when will lead to bearing burning phenomenon.F the blue technology is fast, simple and easy to operate features, in many cases can repair on site.

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