The role of accessories of dolomite Raymond mill

We all know that the dolomite Raymond mill is a mill equipment composed of many accessories, which mainly include reducers, roller bearings, fans, analyzers, plum blossom racks, grinding devices and other accessories. And the positions of different accessories are different, and the functions they play are also different. So, what role do these accessories play in the production of dolomite Raymond mill?

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1. Reducer

The reducer is an accessory used to reduce the speed of the motor in the dolomite Raymond mill. When selecting the reducer, we should choose the motor power that matches the load capacity. Different speed ratios should choose different power motors. If the power is too high Large, will reduce the life of the reducer.

2. Grinding roller assembly

This device changes the structure of the original grinding roller assembly of the mill, and is a new type of energy-saving grinding roller assembly structure for the dolomite Raymond mill. The grinding roller is installed in the core sleeve, and the bearings are concentrated in the core sleeve. The middle section and the upper section use concave-convex joints and skeleton oil seals to form a closed room to prevent dust from entering and ensure that the bearings run in the lubrication room. The grinding roller shaft does not rotate.

3. Fan

Fan is the abbreviation of gas compression and gas delivery machinery. It is a driven fluid machine. The fan relies on the input mechanical energy to increase the gas pressure and discharge the gas.

4. Analyzer

The main function of the dolomite Raymond mill analyzer is to separate qualified products from unqualified products, so that unqualified products can be returned for regrinding.

5. Grinding device

The grinding device of the dolomite Raymond mill includes a sleeve, which is fixed on a bracket, and the bracket is connected to the central shaft of a car bearing seat. The sleeve is equipped with a telescopic shaft, and a Combining the rotating shaft with the grinding disc, the rotating shaft and the central axis of the bearing seat are in a concentric circle position, and there is a fixed plate and a movable plate on both sides of the telescopic shaft, and one or more than one air pressure is set between the fixed plate and the movable plate cylinder.