Operation of Vertical Roller Mill

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Vertical roller mill is one of common stone powder making machines, can be used in more than 300 kinds of different minerals powder grinding, including most of hard materials, such as: slag, cement, feldsapr, barite, and other calcium carbonate, calcite, limestone, dolomite, marble, mica, and so on. The powder fineness made by vertical roller mill can be adjusted between 500-2000 mesh, and according to your process fineness, the capacity can be controled in the range between 50-300 t/h. So, such an efficiency powder making machine, do you know what's the working principle and advantages? Let's get to start to learn more about vertical roller mill. 

vertical roller mill

Vertical Roller Mill Working Principle

When the vertical roller mill is in operation, a certain size of material enters the inner cavity, and the grinding roller device suspended on the main plum frame of the main machine revolves around the vertical axis, and at the same time rotates by itself, the grinding roller swings outward due to the centrifugal force during rotation. Pressing on the grinding ring, the blade shovel the material and send it between the grinding roller and the grinding ring. The purpose of crushing the material is achieved by the rolling and rolling of the grinding roller.

Vertical Roller Mill Advantages

1. The vertical roller mill has a reasonable design structure, small floor space and stable production. It can be used as an independent production system from raw material rough processing to conveying to milling and final packaging.

2. Compared with other milling equipment, its high screening rate, the screening rate of up to 99%, is generally not reached by other powder grinding equipment.

3. The vertical roller mill adopts centralized control of the electrical system, and the grinding workshop can basically realize unmanned operation and convenient maintenance.

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