Vertical Roller Mill Popular for Cement in The World Building Material Market

From:未知    Date:2013-10-24 14:55

In recent years, China's real estate industry development in full swing, the real estate market of hot cement building materials market hot. Due to the improvement of people's living quality and the pursuit of environmental protection and energy saving low carbon life. Traditional way into cement cannot have satisfied, the output of building materials in the field of special needs.The vertical roller mill become the popular way for cement production.

Slag, fly ash and slag water has become one of the important cement mixed material, but the easy grinding slag and other materials is poor, so it is particularly important to select the appropriate process. Joint of cement grinding process were made analysis and comparison, it is considered that the Clirik vertical mill to pre grinding slag can improve the quality of cement, save energy, at the same time, the grinding system in the choice of grading equipment is also very important.

Water slag concrete has the advantage of light quality, heat preservation performance is good, sound-absorbing the effect is good, and has the advantages of a certain strength and can be processed, as filling of palisade structure and thermal insulation material, was widely used in construction, is paid great attention to by all countries in the world, be promoted in many countries.

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