What is used for pyrophyllite crushing

Pyrophyllite, also known as Shoushan stone and Qingtian stone, is a very soft silicate mineral with a hardness between 1 and 2. It is usually in the form of dense block, sheet or radial aggregates, which can be bent but inelastic; glass luster, It has a pearly iridescence; it has a greasy feel and feels greasy to the touch. my country is one of the few countries with rich pyrophyllite resources, and the development and utilization of pyrophyllite has a long history.

Pyrophyllite is widely used?

In ancient times, pyrophyllite machines have been used as stone pens, tailor chalk or small carving objects. There is a saying that "the metallurgical carving of jade in ancient times, the flower milk green field is the best quality." Color, pyrophyllite like frozen milk.

Nowadays, the application of pyrophyllite is more diverse. For example, it can be used as a filling material in the manufacture of paper, pigments, rubber, paint, plastics, etc., and can be used as refractory materials, ceramics, electric porcelain, crucibles, glass fibers, pharmaceuticals, sugar, Cosmetics, auxiliary materials for plastic products, etc., no matter in the field of technology or agriculture, pyrophyllite can be seen.

Can pyrophyllite be processed by a crusher?

Judging from the physical and chemical properties of pyrophyllite, it meets the processing standards of the crusher, and it has to be said that pyrophyllite after crushing, sand making, and impurity removal is more popular in the market. What is the processing flow like? Let's take a look at the equipment that needs to be used!

Pyrophyllite has different processing methods according to different uses:

For ceramics, paper and other industries

The fineness requirement is often below 200 mesh, and the whiteness is above 85%. Therefore, the commonly used treatment method is crushing-grinding-purification, depending on the situation to choose whether to bleach.

Crushing and grinding are mainly to prepare the powder raw material for dissociation of pyrophyllite and impurity mineral monomers for mineral processing and purification operations. If the purity meets the requirements of pyrophyllite application, pyrophyllite powder can be directly produced. 

Commonly used crushing equipment includes: jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, Raymond mill, ball mill, etc. Iron removal is the main link of wax stone beneficiation, and magnetic separation is generally used; when iron-containing minerals are heavy metals, gravity separation can also be used; when iron exists in the form of sulfide or oxide, flotation can be used. Can be used to separate quartz from wax stone ore.




For the production of refractory materials

When used as a refractory material, the whiteness of pyrophyllite is not required to be high, and the particle size of the product is not required to be very fine, generally around 3mm. Therefore, the usual steps are manual selection, and then coarse, medium, and fine crushing processes. Raw ore should be washed to remove impurities.