Zircon Sand Zircon Mill

Zircon sand, also known as zircon, is a mineral mainly composed of zirconium silicate. Pure zircon sand is a colorless transparent crystal, often dyed yellow, orange, red, brown and other colors due to different origins, types and quantities of impurities. The Mohs hardness is 7-8, the refractive index is 1.93-2.01, and the melting point fluctuates within 2190-2420 ℃ with the difference of impurities.

Zircon sand (zircon) is extremely resistant to high temperatures, with a melting point of 2750 degrees Celsius. And acid corrosion. There are 80% of the world's direct use in the foundry industry, ceramics, glass industry and the manufacture of refractory materials. A small amount is used in ferroalloy, medicine, paint, leather, abrasive, chemical and nuclear industries. A very small amount is used to smelt metal zirconium.

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Zircon sand (zircon) processing process

The technological process of zircon sand powder is generally divided into two types: zircon sand fine powder processing (200 mesh-400 mesh), and zircon sand ultrafine powder deep processing (600 mesh-2500 mesh). The processing process is generally as follows:

Process one

After the zircon sand and stones are selected, they are initially crushed by the jaw crusher, so that the large zircon sand is formed into small pieces, which are stored in the storage tank for later use.

Process two

The zircon sand fragments stored in the storage tank are sent to the main machine of the vertical mill through the quantitative feeder, and are crushed by the grinding roller to form fine powder. The fine powder is ready to be sent to the top of the main machine of the mill through the hot air. Analytical machine.

Process three

In the Raymond mill, the zircon sand ultra-fine powder mill or the zircon sand fine powder in the main body of the vertical mill is sent into the powder analysis machine by hot air, and the leaves of the powder analysis machine are rotated at high speed with wind speed. Let the qualified fineness powder pass through, and the unqualified powder is blocked and falls back into the main machine of the mill, and continues to be ground in the gap between the grinding roller and the grinding disc (the vertical mill is the lining board) until the fineness reaches the level of the analyzer.

Process four

Qualified zircon sand and zircon powder are sent into the dust collector through the hot air pipeline and wait for packaging. Generally, the valve (valve) port packaging machine is used for packaging. Packaging is complete for sale.

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According to the entire production process of zircon sand powder, the whole set of zircon sand powder grinding production line equipment has the following mechanical configuration:

(1) Jaw crusher (2) Vertical mill (Raymond mill, zircon sand superfine powder mill) (3) Storage tank (4) Elevator (5) Feeder (6) ) reducer (7) powder analysis machine (8) fan (9) pulse dust collector (10) powder collector (11) powder packaging machine.

Working principle of zircon sand mill

When the zircon sand mill is working, firstly, the materials that meet the feeding requirements of the mill are sent into the main mill chamber of the zircon sand mill through the fan, and the materials are rolled and pressed between the grinding roller and the grinding ring to reach the of crushing. After the material enters the main casing, the blown powder will enter the analyzer for sorting, and the powder that does not meet the particle size requirements will be re-ground until it is qualified, and the zircon sand materials that meet the particle size requirements will enter the finished product cyclone collector, and then pass through the powder tube. Discharge is the finished product.

Performance advantages of zircon sand mill

1. High quality finished product

The sieving rate of the finished product of the equipment can reach 99%, the fineness of the finished product is small, and the particle size is uniform. Compared with the general equipment, it can produce high-quality finished products.

2. Simple process

The zircon sand mill adopts a three-dimensional structure, which occupies a small area and is highly complete. It forms an independent production system from block material to finished powder.

3. Easy to maintain

The zircon sand mill adopts a centralized control electrical system, which can realize unmanned operation, which makes the maintenance of the equipment less and the maintenance work is easier.

4. High wear resistance and long service life

The important parts of the equipment are made of high-quality wear-resistant materials, and the whole machine has high wear resistance. The transmission device adopts a closed gear box and a pulley, which is reliable in operation and greatly improves the overall service life of the equipment.