Feldspar Vertical Roller Mill in Shanghai

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Feldspar is one of hard raw stone materials, so if you want to process feldspar powder, there is a very high standards of feldspar powder making machines. Vertical roller mill is one of feldspar powder making machines, not only can be used in feldspar powder grinding, it also can be used in dolomite, limestone, calcium carbonate, gypsum, carbon black, calcite and other more than 200 kinds of stone materials grinding.

Feldspar vertical roller mill have a very high efficient, the finish powder fineness made by this feldspar vertical roller mill can be adjusted between 30 mesh to 1000 mesh, so no matter you want to process coarse powder grinding, or you want to process superfine powder, our feldspar vertical roller mill can help you. And the maximum capacity of feldspar vertical roller mill can up to 300 tons per hour.

feldspar vertical roller mill
As for the working principle of the feldspar vertical roller mill, the grinding disc is driving by motor through reducer. The material falls to grinding disc from the feed opening. The materials are driven to the edge of disc by the centrifugal force and crushed into fine powders by rollers. Then, the hot air from the nozzle take the fine powder to high effiency classsifer.The qualified powder are taken by the air to the powder collector to be collected, while the unqualified powder are sent back for regrinding.

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