How to Maintain Vertical Roller Mill in the Rainy Days?

From:未知    Date:2017-11-24 09:22

In recent days, Shanghai is always rainy, what’s the weather in your country? Today, let’s talk the topic of “how to maintain the vertical roller mill in the rainy days”. And I hope it can help you a lot.

First of all, under rainy days, the parts of vertical roller mill will wear seriously. For example, belt transmission will deviate, aggregating difficulty to run practically. Thus will wear the belt and roller.

Secondly, the selection for finished materials by vertical roller mill are difficult. The stone materials screening rate is low, screening hole will be blocked seriously. In rainy days , there are many mud, waste leaves in working site, which will block the channel.

vertical roller mill

Thirdly, under rainy environment, the humidity of raw materials will become high due to the moisture air. Thus will enlarge the friction between stone raw materials and hopper. If do not address it timely will cause serious results and lead to quality accident.

Finally, during the rainy days, we will overlook the maintenance work for vertical roller mill, which will enlarge cleaning and maintenance work. Thus will cause machine rust, bearing locking and parts lose, which buried invisible dangerous factors.

Do you have other maintenance methods of vertical roller mill in the rainy days? Welcome to share your methods with us.

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