The Suitable Machine to Process Super Fine Cement

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The cement is the common construction material, Industrial used in Portland cement fineness range between 100-300 mesh; And requiring a superfine cement particle diameter D50 can fine below 1 um, that nanoscale the largest diameter does not exceed 18 um on3dmax, more than 80% of the particle size below 5 um, what the superfine cement vertical mill?

Research found that the particle size of ultrafine cement slurry has the very good can be made of sex, can penetrate into the generally think of cement particles cannot penetrate fine powder sand mixing layer, silt layer and soil layer. It can be used in more than 4.0 under high water cement ratio, under high water cement ratio has high sand consolidation strength, and can meet the requirement of grouting construction, and achieve high durability and low cost.

The current production of superfine cement is not only the trend of the development of construction industry, is also a lot of engineering industry must material, the fineness of superfine cement probably between 800 mesh and 2500 mesh, such as high fineness must use superfine grinding machinery and equipment, and the most professional equipment production enterprise, is located in Shanghai pudong new area of colli rick machinery co., LTD.

The company production of HGM series milling machining fineness can be up to 3000 mu, is super fine powder processing and the choice of equipment; For cement production enterprises, the production is a major requirement, generally speaking the material processing fineness is higher, the output will be less, and the new HGM125 large milling machine preliminary solved the difficult problem of high fineness less production.
Shanghai collis rick in its inception the company has been focusing on production and research and development of micro powder equipment, after several years of struggle to form the perfect production system. After superfine grinding machining of cement materials, finally realizes the performance of the three objectives

a) High efficiency and reliability

b) Safety without polluting

c) High efficiency

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